About Core Fitness Results


Help us develop a database of "Core Fitness" scores for running athletes. The "Core Fitness" testing protocol can be viewed in video format at "Core Fitness Test for runners". By gathering data on hundreds, or thousands, of runners we can help runners more accurately assess their results. Currently, you can compare your results to the "Target Zone Balance Chart" which has been developed by testing over 200 runners.


Our goal is to be able define what normal values are for different groups of runners. This information can then be used to understand possible relationships to injury and performance. After completing the tests, truthfully fill out the "Core Fitness Results" form. Along with recording your scores please also answer the Runner's Profile - it will be used to help us learn about performance injury patterns.


We require registration / login to ensure that results are being posted by individuals. All information gathered will remain confidential. Return to BetterRunner for updates to the Target Zone Balance Chart as well to learn from the results we will gain from this study.


The more runners we can test the more useful our information will be - so spread the word and get your friends to join in!