Core Fitness Test

for runners

Over the past 3 years we have tested several athletes and developed a series of tests to comprehensively assess core fitness specifically for running athletes. Whether your sport is soccer, lacrosse, basketball, track, cross country, road racing or recreational running these tests will give you the information you need to take your training to the next level.


Most athletes are amazed at the results of these tests – discovering imbalances previously unrecognized then being able to focus their training to restore balance and optimize performance. No other testing method meets the needs of athletes who want to excel.


What exactly is your “Core”? Your core is the term used to describe the muscles around your hips, pelvis and lower back. There are actually 29 pairs of these muscles that work together as the “control center” for your upper and lower body. Most tests for core fitness only assess the abdomen – neglecting 75% of the core.


To test your core you will perform 6 endurance challenges for an integrated assessment of your entire core.You will need an assistant, timer, tape measure, ten pounds of ankle weights and a horizontal roman chair.


Finally! Running athletes can perform a series of tests to accurately assess their core fitness and design training programs specific to their needs. Run faster, cut quicker, jump higher and be injury free with optimal core fitness.


Watch this free video to view how to perform the tests.


After performing the tests please share your results with BetterRunner! Your results are confidential and will help us build a database of what normal core strength is for runners. We do require registration to ensure that the information is entered by humans. Please enter your results truthfully after performing the tests as described in the video. Please also fill out the Runner's profile form which will help us determine relationships between core strength, running performance and running injuries.


The more runners we can test, the more useful our information will be - so round up your friends and become a contributor!




Target Zone Balance Chart





Hip Flexion




Hip Abduction




Posterior Trunk


1:30- 2:29

45 sec-1:29

Anterior Trunk



30-59 sec